History of contact lenses detailed by New York Times

History of contact lenses detailed by New York Times

Coverage of contact lenses in the media has been traced back as far as 1930 by the New York Times.

The likely first man to come up with the idea was English astronomer John Herschel in 1845 and the first usable lens – made from heavy brown glass – was reported by German physiologist Adolf E Fick in 1888.

It is likely that the first newspaper to cover contact lenses was the New York Times, which published an article headlined Lens That Fits on Eye Gets First Test Here on August 4th 1930.

A science roundup in the newspaper on August 22nd 1937 came with two photographs.

The photographs" caption reads: "Contact lenses slip under the lids and rest over the eyeball. This is a new kind made by taking a mold of the eyeball and then using the mold in making a lens of the correct contour."

Laser eye surgery celebrated 25 years of practice and its history was also recently highlighted by the Times.

by Martin Burns

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