Coloured contact lenses "help create an eye catching look"

Coloured contact lenses "help create an eye catching look"

By Emily Tait

The festive party season may be over, but that does not mean it is time for women to stop experimenting with glamorous new looks.

Top eye makeup trends for 2010 are for dramatic, noticeable colours and statement accessories such as false eyelashes, it has been claimed, with some commentators suggesting that contact lenses will be utilised to help eyes stand out even more.

Experts have highlighted that bold is better in terms of eye makeup and it has been suggested that coloured contact lenses can help people achieve an eye-catching look.

Coloured contact lenses are available for both people who require prescription lenses and those with perfect vision, who can use zero power lenses.

There are a wide variety of coloured contact lenses on the market, including versions which can change eyes to conventional colours such as blue, green and brown or something a little wilder like red, white or purple.

A number of celebs, including hotel heiress Paris Hilton, are rumoured to wear coloured contact lenses as a means of enhancing their natural assets.

Those who really want to stand out from the crowd can assert their individuality with special effects lenses from brands such as Crazy Lenses and Wild Eyes which have the effect of turning people"s eyes into spirals, cat"s eyes or flames.

Speaking to the Saudi Gazette about the increasing popularity of coloured contact lenses, Dr John Patrick Guinto, an optometrist from the Philippines, said that as contact lens technology has become more advanced they are more comfortable to wear and are now seen as an easy way to update a look.

"Women and even men in today"s world will do and wear anything that they feel will keep then as good looking as possible," he added.

In keeping with the trend for dramatic eyes, people are teaming their coloured contact lenses with false lashes, such as those donned by style-savvy celebs Cheryl Cole and Agyness Deyn, and shimmery eye shadows and liners.

According to beauty experts at the Los Angeles Times, jewel tones and smoky accents are top trends at the moment, while celebrity makeup artists Ariane Poole is advocating shimmery pastel shades such as metallic lilac eye crèmes.

Whatever colour palette they opt for, when wearing contact lenses, regardless of whether they are prescription or zero power, it is important for people to be extra careful when applying makeup to avoid suffering from puffy, sore eyes.

Golden makeup rules for contact lens wearers include opting for waterproof eyeliner and mascara as contact lenses may cause eyes to water slightly after inserting them and this could cause other products to smudge.

Essortment.com also suggests looking out for products which are hypo-allergenic or carry a "suitable for contact lens wearers" message.

"You want to seize every opportunity to minimize the risk of irritation when you"re wearing lenses, so don"t take a chance on a mascara which may cause an allergic reaction," the site"s beauty gurus state.

Acuvue also has some advice for contact lens wearers when putting on their makeup, suggesting that people should regularly replace their products.

It recommends that people buy a new mascara every month, a new eyeliner every three months and new eye shadows every six months.

The company also states that people should try and purchase oil and fragrance free makeup to help avoid irritation.

So there is no reason why style-savvy contacts wearers cannot embrace the latest makeup trends, or even use their contact lenses to enhance their look.

by Adrian Galbreth

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