Importance of eye tests highlighted

Importance of eye tests highlighted

An expert has stressed the importance of detecting eye problems in children as early as possible.

Optometrist at America"s Complete Family Eye Care, Dr Cody Jones, has said that when parents are told that their children can have eye tests they are often surprised they are available at such a young age.

He told the news provider: "Vision plays a big part in what we learn in school, and as we grow up-just our experiences in life."

"If there are any difficulties a lot of times we"ll have them come back or we"ll do the best we can at that time, because we don"t want them to become fearful of the eye doctor," he added.

The East Oregonian recently urged parents to limit their children to no more than a couple of hours of television each day to reduce the chance of them developing eye problems later in life.

by Emily Tait

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