Contact lens specialist shares her story

Contact lens specialist shares her story

Jessica Gretencord, a contact lens specialist at Eyesite Illinois Valley who also helps detect and correct patients" eye problems, has spoken to mywebtimes.com about her role.

As a contact lens specialist, she helps patients with their contact lenses for the first time, teaching them how to use them properly and assisting with eye exams and eye care queries.

She told the news provider: "I enjoy what we here call "tech-long" appointments where new contact lens patients need instruction with all the correct procedures how to use them. It makes me feel good when they get the hang of how to comfortably insert them onto their eyes."

Dr Gretencord adds that having her patients see in full focus without the need for glasses has been one of the most rewarding parts of her career.

Dealing with insurance companies is what she describes as the hardest part of her job, with the process at times being difficult and time-consuming.

Dr Cody Jones, an optometrist at Complete Family Eye Care in the US, recently stressed the importance of eye exams and timely correction for young children when speaking to KIDK.

by Martin Burns

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