Lottery winner to pay for eye surgery

Lottery winner to pay for eye surgery

By Alexa Kaczka

A British Lottery winner is using some of her £1.7 million winnings to pay for eye surgery, it has been reported.

Julie McGregor, 40, is part of a syndicate which meets at the Irish Centre in Newcastle upon Tyne. The group scooped the £10 million New Year"s Eve rollover jackpot.

The former call centre worker, who suffers from nystagmus and has been partially blind since birth, told the Daily Star: "I can"t have laser eye surgery so I"m going to look at options to have an operation to correct my sight."

Her condition is not treatable with contact lenses.

She added: "I told my bosses I"d won the Lottery. They didn"t believe me at first but I managed to convince them and they were delighted for me."

"It"s great timing just after Christmas," she concluded.

Recently, Aisha Sultan, a columnist for St Louis Today, spoke of her delight at having her eyesight restored by laser eye surgery, despite her initial trepidation.

by Adrian Galbreth

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