Bausch & Lomb unveils Crystalens AO

Bausch & Lomb unveils Crystalens AO

By Martin Burns

Contact lens manufacturer Bausch & Lomb has launched its new Crystalens AO, the first aberration-free accommodating intraocular lens (IOL) with aspheric optics.

The Crystalens will be made available to cataract surgeons worldwide and is designed to improve retinal image quality without compromising depth of field.

As a result, it leads to greater quality of distance and intermediate vision.

Commenting on the development, Andy Corley, global president, surgical, Bausch & Lomb, said: "Some surgeons might assume because the Crystalens has aspheric optics, depth of field will be reduced. However, our comprehensive testing demonstrates the opposite to be true."

He added that while other aspheric IOLs have negative spherical aberration, the Crystalens has zero spherical aberration.

Earlier this month, Bausch & Lomb unveiled plans to roll out a new logo and icon over the coming 18 to 24 months.

The new branding will appear on all product packaging and marketing efforts such as letterheads and TV ads.

by Emily Tait

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