Simple eye test could help in battle against dementia

Simple eye test could help in battle against dementia

A simple eye test could be used to boost the detection rate for the degenerative neurological condition Alzheimer"s, it has been claimed.

According recent research published in the journal Cell Death & Disease, the procedure could revolutionise the way the condition is diagnosed in patients, allowing for early treatment of the condition"s symptoms.

The scientists behind the study, which used fluorescent makers to observe cell death on the retinas of mice, said the new technique could pave the way for high-street opticians to test for Alzheimer"s.

Lead author Francesca Cordeiro said: "Few people realise that the retina is a direct, albeit thin, extension of the brain.

"It is entirely possible that in the future, a visit to a high-street optician to check on your eyesight will also be a check on the state of your brain."

A different group of scientists recently highlighted that migraines could be linked to light sensitivity suggesting that sunglasses could be used to combat the symptoms – which include severe headaches.

by Emily Tait

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