Little Boots dons dramatic false eyelashes on stage

Little Boots dons dramatic false eyelashes on stage

By Emily Tait

Pop star Little Boots has revealed that glamorous false eyelashes are a must when she is on stage.

Speaking to the Guardian, the New in Town and Remedy songstress said that for shows she like to don "space-age, futuristic, glitzy" clothes and makeup that are an expression of her musical style.

The starlet stated that while offstage she is a fan of the high street, for concerts she likes to wear "something out of this world".

"I"ll always include eyelashes with gems or feathers on, ones that fly out like a fan, like something a drag queen might wear" she added.

Little Boots, whose real name is Victoria Christina Hesketh, continued to say that it takes her at least half an hour to get her hair and makeup just right for a show.

Last week, Heidi Range of The Sugababes told the News of the World that she is also a fan of wearing false eyelashes on stage, although away from the limelight she sticks to lengthening her lashes with mascara.

by Emily Tait

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