3D glasses to become must-have accessory for TV viewing?

3D glasses to become must-have accessory for TV viewing?

By Alexa Kaczka

TV viewers could soon find themselves sitting on the sofa with a pair of 3D glasses on thanks to new technological advances which mean three-dimensional TVs are set to hit UK homes.

According to the Daily Mail, a number of big brands are set to launch 3D TVs costing around £1,000, while broadcasters are beginning to work on creating eye-popping 3D programmes.

The recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas also highlighted the trend for 3D TV, with a number of companies, including Samsung, Toshiba, LG and Sony, displaying new models.

However, with TV technology advancing all the time, it is likely that in the future, special glasses will not be needed to enjoy 3D TV.

Speaking to the news provider, Sky"s director of product design Brian Lenz said: "In ten years" time, I dare say we will be watching 3D without any glasses at all.

"The science is improving all the time."

3D films such as James Cameron"s Avatar have already proved popular with audiences, with the sci-fi flick topping the UK box office for five consecutive weeks.

by Emily Tait

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