Rachel McAdams tries out red eye shadow at premiere

Rachel McAdams tries out red eye shadow at premiere

By Emily Tait

Rachel McAdams made the bold choice of donning red eye shadow at a recent premiere of Sherlock Holmes, however experts have warned that the look is a difficult one to pull off.

Writing on the Elle UK blog, beauty assistant Amy Lawrenson stated that while she initially thought Rachel"s eye makeup was a beauty faux pas, the look grew on her.

"The look works because Rachel keeps everything else simple: her cheeks and lips softly picked out in subtle, pinky hues; hair elegant but unfussy, swept away from the face and a nude-coloured dress," she wrote.

The commentator added that for this look to work, the red must be chosen carefully, stating that while a rusty red looks great with green eyes a post box colour would be too much.

Also writing for the blog, Elle TV"s makeup artist Daniel Sandler suggested that anyone wanting to recreate the look for themselves should opt for pressed or loose eye shadows with a slight shimmer.

He added that when using a dramatic colour such as red, it is also recommended that people apply a primer to the eye lids to avoid staining.

Rachel, who can currently be seen starring alongside Robert Downey Jr and Jude law in Sherlock Holmes, she previously had roles in The Time Traveller"s Wife and Wedding Crashers.

by Martin Burns

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