Brits shunning sport because of poor eyesight

Brits shunning sport because of poor eyesight

More than five million Brits are shunning sport because of the poor quality of their eyesight, it has been claimed.

According to research conducted by Ultralase, almost two-thirds of Britons make do with poor eyesight during sport, taking out their contact lenses and removing their glasses for safety reasons.

Meanwhile, one in six people choose to avoid competitive physical activity altogether.

Swimming, martial arts and rugby are among the sports that are impacted on by people"s poor vision.

The company polled 1,000 contact lens and glasses wearers on the issue and 100 per cent said their performance was hampered by their poor eyesight.

Commenting on the situation, Olympic hero, Jonathan Edwards said: "The research findings are fascinating, and while it"s encouraging people are braving the playing fields, athletic tracks and courts with poor eyesight, it"s sad to see that so many people are being put off all together."

by Martin Burns

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