30-day contact lenses don"t boost chance of infection

30-day contact lenses don"t boost chance of infection

Using 30-day lenses does not boost a person"s chance of getting an eye infection, it has been claimed.

According to the Guardian"s Dr Tom Smith, after speaking to an optometrist and 30-day lens manufacturer, he was reassured that the lenses are safe.

Dr Smith said he was concerned that the lenses might not let enough oxygen through at night to ensure the eye surface was kept healthy and that 30-day lenses may be more prone to causing dry eye.

However, he said that there is little chance of either, because they let more than enough oxygen through even when a person"s eyes are closed and they contain enough moisture to prevent dry eye.

"There"s no evidence that they cause more infections than daily lenses, and most people are happy with them – it seems that once they start using these, they rarely return to daily lens changing," he concluded.

by Martin Burns

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