Contact lens care "vital to avoid infection"

Contact lens care "vital to avoid infection"

Contact lens wearers must take precautions when taking out and putting in their lenses to avoid eye infections.

According to a recent article in the Irish Independent, many infections are caused by wearers not taking proper care.

It suggested that it is vital people disinfect their lenses after removing them to avoid the build-up of harmful organisms and also advises never reusing disinfecting solution or topping it up.

The news provider also emphasised the importance of rinsing out storage cases regularly, replacing them monthly and never bringing contact lenses into contact with tap water.

Finally, it suggested that even people who wear daily disposable lenses should have regular checkups with their optician.

Contactlenses.co.uk suggests that daily disposable lenses are increasingly popular as they do not require as much care as regular lenses.

However, the site emphasises that people must not wear the lenses for longer than the recommended period or they could cause irritations.

by Martin Burns

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