Environmental impact of contact lenses is "minimal"

Environmental impact of contact lenses is "minimal"

One commentator has suggested that contact lenses do not pose a significant threat to the environment.

The Washington Post"s eco expert, known as the Green Lantern, was questioned about whether it would be better for the environment if people switched from contacts to glasses.

They concluded that a year"s worth of daily disposable contact lenses produces around 9.125g of plastic, while eyeglass lenses account for around 35g of plastic.

However, the expert added that all of the extras that come with contact lenses, such as cleaning solution and lens cases do contribute to its environmental impact.

Despite this, they suggested that a year"s supply of dailies produces about three pounds of plastic, metal and paper trash while monthlies create about 2.5 pounds. An insignificant amount compared to the 1,600 pounds of waste created annually by the average American.

The commentator concluded by suggesting that contact lens wearers can do their bit for the environment by recycling any paper leaflets and plastic packaging that comes with their lenses.

It"s possible to extend the life of contact lens storage cases by using them to store tablets, lotions and even headphone buds.

by Martin Burns

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