Routine eye test saves man"s sight

Routine eye test saves man"s sight

By Alexa Kaczka

An Omagh man who went for a routine trip to Specsavers has had his sight saved thanks to an eye test, according to the Ulster Herald.

William Neil began only being able to see shadows out of his left eye and decided to see an optometrist because of this sudden deterioration of his eyesight.

The 62-year-old saw Donna Harbison at his local Specsavers who promptly found that he had a detached retina through the use of a specialised biomicroscope with a camera attached.

He was referred to an ophthalmologist and, after a series of tests and scans, underwent surgery to re-attach his retina.

The operation was a success and Mr Neil told the news provider: "I was utterly shocked that one day my eye sight was fine and the next I was requiring surgery. I owe my sight to the professional, swift action of Mrs Harbison and her team at Specsavers in Omagh."

He added that his eyesight had since recovered to as good as, or even better than, before the test.

Research published in the journal Cell Death & Disease recently revealed that a simple eye test could help detect Alzheimer"s disease at an early stage.

by Emily Tait

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