Half of Chinese adolescents short-sighted

Half of Chinese adolescents short-sighted

More than half of Chinese adolescents are short-sighted, reports China Daily.

In total nearly 400 million people suffer from myopia and the condition is most prevalent among the country"s young adult population – affecting 50 to 60 per cent of its adolescent population.

According to research conducted by Chinese, American and Australian specialists, the myopia rate in China is 1.5 times the global average and rising.

At a group vision examination at Beijing Tongren Hospital, one short-sighted student, Chen Wenyan, told the news provider: "Classmates (short-sighted) like me are not few, we just don"t wear glasses."

An ophthalmologist at the hospital, Xu Liang said that myopia typically develops through a person"s childhood and stabilises during the late teens.

Its prevalence is rising around the world and is thought to be exacerbated by too much close-up viewing of electronic media such as televisions and computers, instead of the variety of focussing needed when playing outside in the traditional manner for children.

by Martin Burns

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