Expert highlights alternatives to lash extensions

Expert highlights alternatives to lash extensions

It is possible to replicate the glamorous eyelashes sported by celebrities such as Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez without splashing too much cash, it has been claimed.

Writing in Hello magazine, Kim Snyder, owner of Overall Beauty Minerals, said that many celebs spend hundreds of pounds a week on eyelash extensions to create their dramatic looks, however, a similar effect can be achieved with Magic Lash or Fiberwig lashes, both of which cost under £25.

For people looking for something a little more permanent, Ms Snyder suggests an eyelash transplant.

At around £3,000 it"s is hardly a cheap option, but the procedure is long lasting and could work out more cost effective over a lifetime then splashing out on extensions.

Many celebs also choose to accentuate their natural lashes with false ones, including Cheryl Cole and Heidi from the Sugababes, who both sport dramatic eye makeup on stage.

by Alexa Kaczka

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