Penn State football coach foregoes trademark glasses

Penn State football coach foregoes trademark glasses

By Martin Burns

Penn State American football coach Joe Paterno has undergone laser eye surgery meaning he no longer needs to wear his trademark thick-rimmed glasses.

He went to his local eye doctor who he has known for years, following the Capital One Bowl last month, who told him the problem could be fixed with surgery.

Now the 83-year-old, who had trouble reading for the last six months, finds it uncomfortable without the glasses he has worn for so long.

He recently attended a medical charity function and had special glasses with thin lenses but the same thick rims made.

He said: "I feel strange. When I don"t wear "em, and I put on a sweater, I reach to take the glasses off and I don"t have them on."

Reeves Nelson – who plays basketball for the UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) Bruins – recently sported a different look, returning to training wearing goggles after being poked in his right eye.

by Adrian Galbreth

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