New Barbie sports pink glasses

New Barbie sports pink glasses

By Emily Tait

Mattel"s latest Barbie doll comes with an unusual new accessory – glasses.

The new doll, which was unveiled at the New York Toy Fair, is a computer engineer and sports a pair of pink, thick-framed specs.

Her occupation was chosen by an online vote hosted by Mattel.

The glasses are teamed with black spangled leggings, a lime-green fitted top patterned with binary code and a waistcoat.

Barbie designers say they worked with the Society of Women Engineers and the National Academy of Engineering to ensure that the doll, and her clothing and accessories, are realistic.

"Geek glasses" have proved popular with a number of stylish celebs in recent months with Britney Spears and songstress Pixie Lott both being spotted in thick-framed specs.

Brit-award nominated starlet Pixie also sported some white glasses to a club, showing that they can also be paired with a glamorous ensemble.

by Alexa Kaczka

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