Scientists close to eye-controlled headphones

Scientists close to eye-controlled headphones

Scientists have presented a prototype of a device that could allow users to control their mobile phones simply by moving their eyes, according to the Daily Telegraph.

Electrodes attached to earphones pick up movement of the eye as the electric potential it emits changes with the direction the eyeball is pointing.

For example, in the prototype, a call can be answered by moving the eyes to the right, then to the left, then to the right again.

A spokesman for NTT DoCoMo, the Japanese mobile phone operator, told the news provider: "The system is only a prototype, but it provides an insight into the way we might be using our phones in years to come."

"In future, phones will be worn like accessories. We"re keen to find new natural-gesture interfaces and clever ways of interacting with these devices to suit this anticipated future use," he added.

According to research by the Future Laboratory, along with a global panel of experts, contact lenses will digitally enhance everyday life for consumers within the next five to ten years.

by Emily Tait

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