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Contact lenses are a safe and affective method of correcting vision and recent Johnson and Johnson (J&J) figures showing how many people are buying into this idea are fairly conclusive - Acuvue dailies and other vision sales have boosted the company"s profits.

However, there are still stories around about how contact lenses can be bad for the eyes and the pocket.

J&J has published a fascinating list of these myths, plus an explanation of why they are wrong.

They include the idea that contact lenses can get lost behind the eye. J&J notes this is physically impossible because of a membrane covers the eye and connects it to the eyelids, meaning the lens cannot move too far.

In addition, if the lens does get slightly displaced, it is easy to put back into the right position.

J&J also notes people sometimes believe wearing glasses is good enough for some activities, such as driving or sports, so getting contacts is not necessary.

"If you need vision correction to drive, you"ll certainly benefit from having the same clear vision for other activities," it says.

"Contacts won"t smudge, steam up, fall off or break and you won"t lose any peripheral vision - unlike [with] eyeglasses."

by Adrian Galbreth

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