Eye checks through the ages

Eye checks through the ages

As people get older they need to have their eye health checked on a regular basis, because of how eyes can change over time.

According to Bausch and Lomb (B&L) while eyesight can change with the years, this does not mean it has to "compromise your lifestyle".

It notes that difficulty in seeing well in low light or being affected by the sun shining of surfaces can signify something needs further investigation.

Other health issues, such as developing diabetes or high blood pressure, can also affect eyesight so people should make sure their optician is aware of any illnesses or conditions, especially hereditary ones.

"Proper eye care doesn"t have to be expensive - and it is worth every penny," the company website states.

"Many insurance policies will cover the cost of routine eye exams as well as treatments your doctor may prescribe."

Prescriptions can then be used to purchase contact lenses online, where better deals are available than on the high street.

by Emily Tait

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