Teen sportswoman praises contact lenses

Teen sportswoman praises contact lenses

A community forum on a north-east newspaper"s website has revealed more of the benefits of wearing contact lenses.

One user - named only as "Aidan, a savvy 17-year-old girl" - said she plays football for a local team and felt vulnerable because she wore glasses.

She tried wearing sports goggles but found them uncomfortable as well as expensive, so she decided to "bite the bullet" and give contact lenses a try.

Aidan said first having them fitted and wearing them was "a weird feeling" and added that it took a while to get used to putting them in.

However, she stressed: "I like wearing the contact lenses as everything feels and looks much more real, in addition everything is much more colourful too which I never expected."

She was also amazed by how big everything appeared.

While an optician needs to test eyes and give out a prescription, often the cheaper option for contact lenses is to buy them online.

by Martin Burns

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