Astigmatism sufferers advised to fix problem ASAP

Astigmatism sufferers advised to fix problem ASAP

Not dealing with astigmatism quickly can lead to more problems in the future, it has been warned.

Top female road cyclist Christina Liew-Gin, from Singapore, noted how both her myopia and astigmatism worsened because of procrastinating when it came to getting an eye check and getting the right contact lenses.

She has since been appointed as an ambassador for Johnson & Johnson Vision Care"s Acuvue for Astigmatism campaign, along with fellow cyclist Collin Low, who is also co-owner of Pilates Bodyworks.

Bebe Teo, country manager for Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, said that in Singapore, around 64 per cent of contact lens wearers who have astigmatism have not yet fully corrected the condition.

Wherever people are, it seems they would be well-advised to get the right contact lenses to deal with astigmatism issues as soon as they can.

by Alexa Kaczka

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