Shropshire PCT offers contact lenses for those in need

Shropshire PCT offers contact lenses for those in need

By Emily Tait

Those concerned about not getting their contact lens prescription in Shropshire and Mid Wales will be pleased to hear that a certain organisation has some orders ready to hand out to NHS patients.

Shropshire Primary Care Trust (PCT) will be able to supply glasses and contact lenses to some of those who were affected by the closure of Drayton Eye Centre, in High Street, Market Drayton, the Shropshire Star reported.

Many items are currently being held in Shrewsbury because of the closure, which came as a result of a fraud investigation, which has also seen the Welshpool Eye Centre shut.

PCT spokesman Mathew James told the newspaper: "Any patients who are waiting for specific glasses or contact lenses should contact the registrations department at the PCT."

Alternatively, those in need could order contact lenses online, although this news will be especially welcome in light of wearers being advised to stock up on lenses ahead of spring.

US expert Dr K W Scarbrough told Northlake News that unclean or old lenses can make allergy attacks particularly irritating.

by Adrian Galbreth

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