Tips for carefree contact lens wearing

Tips for carefree contact lens wearing

Getting into a routine for the care and wear of contact lenses will become effortless with practice, according to Johnson & Johnson (J&J).

The maker of Acuvue 1 Day Moist said establishing a schedule for them was a good idea because the whole idea of daily disposable lenses is that they fit around lifestyle.

On the whole, Acuvue brand lenses are designed to be worn and replaced on one of three replacement schedules - daily wear, seven-day extended wear and daily disposable lenses.

Daily wear lenses are removed at the end of every day, cleaned and disinfected daily and replaced with a fresh pair every two weeks.

Seven-Day Extended wear lenses remain in the eyes, even while sleeping, for up to six nights before being discarded and replaced with a fresh pair every week.

Daily disposable lenses are worn for one day, thrown away and replaced with a fresh, new pair each morning.

J&J recommends a routine be established by replacing lenses on the same day every week.

In addition, wearers should write a reorder date on their last box to remind them to go online to order their contact lenses.

by Martin Burns

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