Eye surgery "amazed" woman

Eye surgery "amazed" woman

Lasik eye surgery to correct poor vision is a popular choice for many Americans, according to a report.

The North Florida News Daily says almost half of the US population needs some kind of vision correction, whether that be glasses, contact lenses or eye surgery.

"Life requires good vision and for many of us, we need the assistance of glasses or contact lenses," it said.

It gave the example of Jenny Conley, who wore glasses and contact lenses but refused to have eye surgery because she was afraid.

When the US Food and Drug Administration approved Lasik eye surgery, she decided to have it done and was delighted with the results.

The procedure was successful for her and she told the newspaper she was amazed at how well she could see.

However, Ms Conley did note that the surgery is expensive.

In addition, there have been several reports of patients whose eyesight has not been permanently improved by the procedure and who have gone back to wearing contact lenses or glasses.

by Emily Tait

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