Contact lens wearers can continue with pastimes

Contact lens wearers can continue with pastimes

People who have experienced significant eyesight deterioration, do not necessarily have to give up their pastimes, as proved by a man in Canada.

Ottawa resident Lawrence Euteneier has certainly not quit fishing, even though his eyesight has become worse over the years.

Indeed, Mr Euteneier founded BlindFishingBoat.com, a company that sets up fishing adventures for visually impaired people with sighted guides, the Metro Ottawa reported.

He also invented the first fishing boat for the blind in the world, by adapting technologies so that people with visual impairments can fish on their own.

"There are a million people with vision loss in Canada. A lot of these guys sell the boat, sell the gear and sit on the couch. But you don’t have to," he told the publication.

People looking to improve their eyesight may want to get hold of an iPhone with the Ocularis - The Eye Game application, which claims to enhance the user"s optic abilities.

by Martin Burns

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