Modern contact lenses are "safe and comfortable"

Modern contact lenses are "safe and comfortable"

Technological advances in contact lens development has made them a safe and comfortable option, an article says.

The State Journal Register spoke to eye experts who spoke about the benefits of contact lenses, including daily disposable lenses.

Daily disposable lenses were singled out as the best way contact lens wearers could ensure eye safety and comfort because they are the most hygienic, therefore minimising the risk of eye infection.

Examples of daily disposable lenses include 1 Day Acuvue and Soflens Daily Disposables options.

Ophthalmologist Dr Matthew Thompson told the newspaper that the next best choice were lenses designed for extended wear. An example of these is Air Optix Night and Day.

Fellow optometrist Dr John Lapp said hygiene when handling contacts was vital and people should always wash their hands and not share contact lens cases.

Both experts agreed that sleeping in lenses that are not designed to be slept in is a practice that should be avoided.

by Martin Burns

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