HD-ready eyesight? Don"t think so!

HD-ready eyesight? Don"t think so!

By Adrian Galbreth

With the emergence of high-definition (HD) television, some people even believe you need special eyesight to be able to see the benefits.

Two per cent of respondents to a survey by Sky HD said they thought people need to be born with HD-ready eyesight to watch the new format.

The poll of 3,000 people on gadget habits also showed that Brits waste £52 billion every year on technology that they cannot operate properly.

"It"s amazing how much money people are wasting by not using things to their full potential," commented Stuff magazine"s editor Fraser Macdonald.

He said that an HD TV "is an essential purchase" but it can be greatly improved "if you hook it up to a decent HD set-top box".

Contact lens wearers may be excited by the prospect of 3D HDTVs that can be viewed without the need for glasses, especially with dvice.com indicating that they could be on sale by 2015.

by Adrian Galbreth

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