Pro baseball star to wear prescription goggles

Pro baseball star to wear prescription goggles

By Emily Tait

A professional baseball player will be trying out a pair of prescription goggles after finding out he is nearsighted.

Corey Hart, a rightfielder for the Milwaukee Brewers, found out that his long-distance vision was not right following an appointment with an optometrist.

He told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that he had noticed a problem some time ago, when the baseball would occasionally appear fuzzy.

Talking about his new goggles with the paper, Hart commented: "I"m hoping they work for me. I don"t want to have any trouble picking the ball up. Right now, it"s a little fuzzy."

He did not blame poor eyesight for problems on the field last year, when he was limited to 115 games because of an emergency appendectomy.

The news comes after the NY Daily News reported that New York Yankees player Curtis Granderson will be wearing contact lenses after he was told he has 20/30 vision.

by Emily Tait

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