Laser eye surgery risks mooted

Laser eye surgery risks mooted

The risks of having laser eye surgery have been noted on a news website.

3x24 News Magazine said laser eye surgery is popular because some people do not like the percieved inconvenience of wearing glasses and contact lenses.

However, the risks should not be taken lightly, the article suggests.

It describes how a few patients who have tried to have their eyesight corrected with laser treatment have to go back for further treatment because the central corneal tissue has not been uniformly removed, creating small "islands".

Another complication is diffuse lamellar keratitis, which can happen if foreign bodies become trapped in the corneal flap, causing symptoms such as pain in the eyes, feeling something is trapped in the eye, unusually blurred eyesight and sensibility to bright lights.

"Although all of these complications can take place, the reality is that they are very rare," the website added.

by Martin Burns

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