Dr Miriam Stoppard promotes optician visits

Dr Miriam Stoppard promotes optician visits

By Alexa Kaczka

An optician is doing a lot more than checking whether people need glasses or contact lenses when undertaking an eye exam, according to Dr Miriam Stoppard.

Sight is the sense people fear losing the most, but people risk missing serious eye conditions as they forego trips to the optician, she warned in an article for the Daily Mirror.

Dr Stoppard advised people to head to the opticians once every two years, as routine tests can show up early signs of sight-threatening conditions like glaucoma as well as problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure and even brain tumours.

She added that smoking can have a negative effect on people"s vision, as chemicals in cigarettes damage blood vessels in the macula, the area of the eye responsible for detailed sight.

World Glaucoma Week is being held between March 8th and 14th, which may help convince people across the world to have an eye exam.

by Martin Burns

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