Eat well for eye health, say experts

Eat well for eye health, say experts

Sometimes people can forget that what they eat affects their eye health as well as their overall body health.

A newspaper article has highlighted several different foods that can help keep eyes in tip-top condition, especially in people who are getting older.

Good eating habits, however, are always best started early, so these foods are good for protecting children"s eyesight too.

The Mail Tribune listed whole grains, salads, beans, avocados, parsley and olive oil as some of the best foods for eyes and overall body health.

Blueberries - high in antioxidants, as are all berries - are also excellent, it said. Blueberries also contain anthocyanins, which protects against wet macular degeneration.

"Poor nutrition is implicated in many … most common ailments," it continued.

"The good news is that smart food choices, comprehensive meal planning and supplements containing vitamins, minerals, plant pigments and herbs can help many people avoid vision loss."

by Adrian Galbreth

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