Laser eye surgery technology to banish side effects

Laser eye surgery technology to banish side effects

By Alexa Kaczka

New advancements in laser eye surgery may mean that discomfort and alternating vision quality are a thing of the past, according to an expert.

Writing for the Daily Telegraph, Tarquin Cooper said that new lasers which fire ten times as many pulses as current standards could help those with glasses or contact lenses to get the treatment without any side effects.

Called the Zeimar laser, of which there are only currently two in the country, the new technology could eliminate any post-procedure complications and speed up operation times.

Mr Cooper underwent the surgery and it took just 15 minutes.

"Two months on, it is the detail I notice now - trees in the distance, the individual bricks on a building. In theory, my sight is no better than it was with glasses, but the quality feels better, like a touched-up photo," he explained.

The Shields Gazette recently reported that a boy in the Sunderland region with a rare eye condition is to undergo laser treatment in order to prevent any further damage to his sight.

by Emily Tait

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