Certain people "should be wary of 3D films"

Certain people "should be wary of 3D films"

Even though most contact lens wearers should not have problems watching 3D films, there are some people that should be wary of such flicks.

Dr Mike Ehrenhaus, an ophthalmologist based in Queens and Brooklyn in New York, told Fox News that those with amblyopia, or a lazy eye, may want to avoid such movies.

"If your eyes are weak, and you have a lazy eye, you could be getting a little bit of a filter. You may feel some eye strain, which could cause a headache," he explained to the news provider.

In addition, people with poor vision and are either not wearing their glasses while watching a 3D film, or do not have an updated prescription for their contact lenses or specs, could have depth perception issues.

UC Berkeley optometrist recently Martin Banks told the San Francisco Chronicle that even the most modern 3D technology can cause vision fatigue after prolonged viewing.

by Adrian Galbreth

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