Glaucoma sufferer speaks out about eye tests

Glaucoma sufferer speaks out about eye tests

Glaucoma involves damage to the optic nerve most often caused by high pressure inside the eye due to a build up of excess fluid. High eye pressure is not always a sign that you have glaucoma but may be an indication you are at risk of developing it.

Stafford grandmother Cynthia Powell recently told the Birmingham Post that she was terrified when she found out her eyesight was at risk, and she had not even known anything was wrong.

"If I hadn"t gone along to the optician when I did I could easily have lost some of my vision which I couldnÂ’t have got back," she explained to the paper.

Ms Powell said that even those people who think their eyesight is fine should have a check-up and the glaucoma can be so dangerous because of the lack of symptoms.

She added that the treatment she received at opticians Mincher-Lockett and at the hospital was top class.

by Alexa Kaczka

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