Schumacher eyesight concerns "not a problem"

Schumacher eyesight concerns "not a problem"

By Emily Tait

The new Formula One season is gearing up this weekend and will see the return of Michael Schumacher to the sport, but people have reservations about the German"s ability.

One worry is over his eyesight, as Schumacher"s brother Ralf is a contact lens wearer, but according to Martin Brundle, writing for the Sunday Times, this is a problem that can be easily fixed these days.

Brundle said that the seven-time world champion will not be pulling out of any 50:50 manoeuvres despite his age.

Indeed, contact lenses appear to be at the back of Schumacher"s mind as he prepares for the first race of the season in Bahrain.

"The decision to make my comeback feels like a long time ago now and I can hardly wait for the season to get underway in Bahrain," the driver commented.

His teammate Nico Rosberg is also feeling the excitement, adding that the Bahrain track is one that he enjoys racing on.

by Martin Burns

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