"Save money" on contact lenses

"Save money" on contact lenses

People who wear contact lenses could save money by shopping for them online, a financial expert suggests.

Motley Fool columnist Emma Lunn says she used to buy her contact lenses from the optician who tested her eyes.

However, by shopping on the internet she says she has saved around £150 a year on her Air Optix monthly lenses for the past two years.

Lenses available on the internet also include daily disposable lenses, 1 Day Acuvue and Air Optix Night & Day.

"Specialist contact lens websites can be a sight for sore eyes and can save lens wearers up to £150 a year," she wrote.

"[In] the past couple of years I have shopped around on the internet and saved a packet."

Other optical products available online include coloured contact lenses, solutions and eye drops.

Contactlenses.co.uk offers free delivery for customers living in the UK and a small charge for shipping abroad.

by Emily Tait

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