"No evidence" to indicate eyesight damage from 3D

"No evidence" to indicate eyesight damage from 3D

By Adrian Galbreth

There is no current evidence that indicates 3D movies can damage eyesight, according to an expert.

William Harvey, a Las Vegas optometrist, spoke to rgj.com to say that no research has yet been undertaken on the effects of prolonged exposure to 3D images.

He admitted to the news provider that problems with eyesight and 3D images could arise among those without good binocular vision, where both eyes are used.

In these cases, some eye strain would be caused but it would only be temporary, he explained.

"I don"t think it will cause any problem for those people who have good binocular vision," Mr Harvey commented.

He added that he was unsure what the long-term effect would be of prolonged exposure to 3D films.

Dr Mike Ehrenhaus, an ophthalmologist based in Queens and Brooklyn in New York, recently told Fox News that those with a lazy eye may want to avoid watching 3D movies.

by Alexa Kaczka

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