Eyesight not failing aged darts player

Eyesight not failing aged darts player

Darts is helping to keep an old woman active and it seems her eyesight is not failing her - an inspiration to contact lens wearers.

Georgina Anderson, an 89-year-old, is possibly the oldest darts player in Scotland and has spoken of how the sport helps her get out of the house, the Aberdeen Press and Journal reported.

Len Mutch, Aberdeen-based director of the British Darts Organisation, told the paper that darts was most likely the reason behind Mrs Anderson"s energetic nature.

"She"ll need good eyesight and she"ll need to be able to think quickly and add, subtract, multiply and divide scores in her head," he commented.
Mr Mutch added that he would be surprised if there was an older darts player in Scotland.

The Metro Ottawa recently reported on Lawrence Euteneier, a Canadian man who has not let poor eyesight get in the way of his love for fishing.

He even established BlindFishingBoat.com, which sets up fishing adventures for visually impaired people.

by Emily Tait

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