Eye check "a life saver" for pensioner

Eye check "a life saver" for pensioner

By Alexa Kaczka

A new eye assessment service has potentially saved a man"s life after it detected a tumour, indicating that the checks are not just useful for those in need of contact lenses or glasses.

Stanley Powell, and 89-year-old Burnham pensioner, went to Musgrove Park Hospital in Taunton as part of the new Acute Community Eyecare Service scheme and the specialists detected a serious eye tumour.

He then chose to have his eye removed so the tumour did not become larger and untreatable.

Mr Powell commented: "I was very pleased with the care and attention I have received from everyone.

"My advice to anyone who finds that they have trouble with their eyes is to always get them checked out."

Andrew Iwach, spokesperson for the American Academy of Ophthalmology and glaucoma expert, recently noted that eye tests are needed for glaucoma detection.

The condition"s symptomless onset is a central factor behind why it often damages vision before people know they have it, he pointed out.

by Emily Tait

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