Early ocular hypertension treatment "can prevent glaucoma"

Early ocular hypertension treatment "can prevent glaucoma"

By Adrian Galbreth

A new study has shown that early treatment of glaucoma can improve the outcome for patients and contact lens wearers.

Newly-published research, which began in 1994, looked at people diagnosed with ocular hypertension, which can develop into glaucoma.

Of those examined by researchers at several US universities, half were given daily drops to use, while the other half just had their eyesight checked every six months.

Of those given drops, 14 per cent had glaucoma in one or both eyes, compared to 20 per cent of those who had not used drops, showing that early treatment can help to prevent the condition.

The research, which was published in the Archives of Ophthalmology, also found that those who took eye drops got the condition on average 8.5 years into the study, compared to six year for those who did not use the drops.

These findings come as World Glaucoma Week nears it close, running from March 8th to 14th. The week aims to provide more information on the eye condition for the public, including contact lens wearers.

by Adrian Galbreth

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