Fundraising helps toddler with eye condition

Fundraising helps toddler with eye condition

A child has received specialised equipment to help with the problems he has with his eyesight, following an appeal in local paper the Boston Target.

Charlie Brookes has a rare genetic condition which means he has no iris in his eyes, impairing his vision and making him especially light sensitive. He is also registered blind.

The toddler has received the first of two LCD Acrobat CCTV Magnifiers that will help him to see more clearly, after a front page article called for donations and support.

Family friend and Charlie Brookes Trust secretary Wendy Mitchell told the paper: "We had a fantastic response to the article from individuals, local businesses and organisations like Boston Ladies Circle and Fenland Round Table."

She added that they hope to receive the second magnifier soon.

The Harrow and Hubburn Gazette recently reported that Harry Richardson, a three-year-old boy, has undergone laser eye surgery to prevent him going blind in one eye, after he was diagnosed with Coats Disease.

by Emily Tait

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