Makeup "the key" to successful Dracula

Makeup "the key" to successful Dracula

The college performance of an adaptation of Bram Stoker"s Dracula brings the undead to life using a combination of acting, costume, prosthetics and contact lenses.

Everything about the College of the Sequoias theatre company"s performance is designed to make the audience experience of the 1897 tale seem as realistic as possible.

Lead thespian Michael Herfurth undergoes more than an hour being fitted with specially-made rubber pieces for his face.

His red and yellow contact lenses were also made just for this performance and give him a near-authentic look that will have would-be vampires foaming at the mouth with envy this Halloween.

"Chris [the writer and director] had his idea on how the characters would look," costume, accessories and creature designer James McConnell told the Visalia Times Delta. "And we followed through on that idea."

His coloured contact lenses get rid of the last vestiges of Herfurth"s "humanity".

This Halloween, potential vampires looking to create a stir with the most believable costumes could order some coloured contact lenses online.

They can be tailored to a prescription or be worn by those who do not need vision correction.

by Martin Burns

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