Bausch + Lomb re-launches contact lens solution

Bausch + Lomb re-launches contact lens solution

By Martin Burns

Bausch + Lomb has re-launched its renu fresh multi-purpose contact lens solution, one of two renu brand products from the company.

The renu fresh clear bottle allows contact lens wearers to see exactly how much solution is remaining and the new packaging is easier to recycle as well.

Bausch + Lomb noted that the relaunch coincides with the arrival of spring, saying that this time of year is perfect for people to take a new approach to their morning routines.

Life coach and lifestyle expert Meredith Haberfeld explained: "The arrival of spring provides an opportunity to take a fresh look at how we care for our eyes, and determine whether the products that we use help us to streamline our lives."

Bausch + Lomb was recently handed the Best Eye Care Product of the Year - Asia for the bottle design of its ReNu MultiPlus multi-purpose solution.

The bottle features a run out indicator and is also clear, allowing users to examine purity of the solution.

by Emily Tait

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