Meares-Irlen syndrome

Meares-Irlen syndrome

A pair of blue-tinted glasses has helped a boy to pass his GCSEs, giving him the ability to read properly.

Tom Heaffey could not read well three years ago, leading to him to not doing well at school, but a pair of glasses has stopped text on the page blurring and distorting.

The boy suffers from Meares-Irlen syndrome, which is visual stress and leads to headaches and migraines when concentrating with the eyes.

"Trying to read was exhausting and gave me headaches, so I couldn"t concentrate for long," Tom reported

Arnold Wilkins, professor of visual perception at Essex University, developed the blue-tinted glasses, saying that research showed that coloured lenses impact on different neurons in the brain, with the shade varying between patients.

Some patients find yellow tinted glasses particularly helpful.

by Martin Burns

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