"More sensible" to buy contact lenses online

"More sensible" to buy contact lenses online

An expert has said that it may be better to buy contact lenses and glasses online as there is more distance between the eye professional and the buyer.

Roger Hardy, president of a US-based eyecare firm, told the Vancouver Sun that buying over the internet prevents a "conflict of interest".

"When you have somebody who"s prescribing contact lenses to you on a profit-per-patient basis, it"s not necessarily the same as when a doctor chooses a heart medication for you," he stated.

He added that this is the challenge for optometrists, as they profit when they prescribe people new glasses or contact lenses.

However, fellow expert optometrist Stephen Taylor told the source that people who buy online need to be sure that it is safe and a reliable website.

People using contact lenses for the first time should ensure they give enough time to get used to them before writing them off, optometrist Femida Zisnani recently told the Edmonton Journal.

by Emily Tait

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