Contact lenses help baseball star "see better than ever"

Contact lenses help baseball star "see better than ever"

By Emily Tait

Major League Baseball player Nate McLouth, Atlanta Braves centre fielder, has explained how he can see the ball better than ever before with his contact lenses.

Talking with the Associated Press about the technical demands of batting, McLouth explained that making decent contact is important and it is frustrating when this is not happening - something that his contact lenses may help with.

He noted that he has still had difficulty with his timing, explaining to the news provider: "It"s being on time and being in the right position when the pitch is in the zone to take a good swing.

"It"s just something that"s difficult to do."

Now that his hamstring problems are fixed and his contact lenses are helping him see, McLouth could have a decent run in the coming months.

McLouth recently compared wearing contact lenses, which he picked up during the offseason, to going from standard-definition television to watching high-definition.

by Alexa Kaczka

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