Sport vision therapy "necessary"

Sport vision therapy "necessary"

Athletes can be as fit as they like but their vision can let them down if it is less than excellent, a report says.

News website baynews9.com, citing Ivanhoe Broadcast News as its source, said athletes rely on their eyesight to see the ball - and watch it travel at high speeds too.

It spoke to optometrist Kevin Gee, who said athletes needed to train their vision to be better than the average person"s.

Many sportsmen and women are opting for vision therapy "to stay on top of their game", the article also noted.

This is a regime that works the eye muscles and helps people co-ordinate their peripheral vision and hand-eye coordination.

Mr Gee added even people who play sports for leisure can benefit from the therapy - for example, those who play weekend golf.

Particularly, it can help prevent sports-related eye injuries, he went on to say.

Sports players could also consider the use of contact lenses during sports, even if they normally wear glasses, as they will not break, give better all-round vision and will not steam up.

by Emily Tait

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